Epsilon-Browser is a product of the need for speed and simplicity that most browser's lack.
You will not find any superfluous options in our browser because I find that they interfere with the main object of this browser, which as mentioned before is speed.

Maximize online productivity with the most effective web browser
Get a fast, free web browser.  


Version 1.1



Epsilon is designed to be quick in every possible way. It's quick to start up from your PC, load websites in a click, and operates complicated web programs super quick.  
 Epsilon-Browser places you in control of your personal details while helping secure the details you discuss when you are online.

 Epsilon-Browser screen is streamlined, clean and simple. 
Epsilon-Browser is developed to keep you more protected on the web with built-in viruses and phishing protection, auto-updates to create sure you have all the newest protection repairs, and more.

Powerful and Versatile
Epsilon-Browser integrates more features and functions than any other internet browser's.
Supported operating systems: 
  •  Windows XP/  Windows Vista/ Windows 7/ Windows 8 (Windows 7 or later recommended)


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